First time building a Startup?
No technical co-founder?

Use Grandma's recipes to build a tech biz with no-code

Applicable Startup education + visual tools that code for you

90% of new startups fail...
with so many things to get right about the business model and the technology

Oh boy, what trouble I got into.
...but Let's f*ing do it
...I have to remember those
and when to take my pills?

You're wasting time learning "startup" content that isn't applicable to your stage and that you will forget by when you need it

Reading about Venture Capital?, they won't invest if your product is not being used. Researching about acquiring millions of users? get your first 10. Learning about best ways to promote your app? first validate if you are solving a problem people will pay for.... Don't skip steps!

You're struggling convincing developers to join your project as co-founders or you're spending too much paying them

Even if you have a technical co-founder or are lucky enough to have the funds to pay someone, you are risking too much IF you start developing (coding) right away and spending months, and cash, without taking the time to understand if people will be genuinely interested in your product... Hearing "that's a cool idea" is not validation!

What!... half of my retirement
is going into this thing

Development and Marketing are the 2 areas you will spend the most, so how can you make sure every cent spent is moving your project forward?

You are throwing money away if your Facebook ads aren't communicating clearly why people should care and who is your product for. You continue wasting opportunities if the few people that clicked your ad arrive to a website they don't understand, they don't trust, it's not what they were expecting or if they perceive it's something they don't need. Fix the leaks and optimize your resources!

At Grandmacode we want to free you from the stress you deal with when figuring out what to learn (at the right time), how to build your startup if you don't have a technical background and how to spend your money wisely.

So you can enjoy being an entrepreneur growing a proven tech business that fulfills you.

90% of new startups fail,
tech startups are complex...
airplanes are complex too,
but you don't see 9 of 10
airplanes crashing

This is because pilots must follow a series of checklists to have a secure flight. And founders should learn from pilots.

You'll see...
Grandma was a pilot.